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Terms of Reference -Technology Strategy Consultancy


Living Goods (LG) uses the disruptive power of digital technology to equip and empower thousands of community health workers across Kenya and Uganda to deliver timely, life-saving health treatments and services on demand to the doorsteps of the poor. Equipped with a smartphone and mobile application, Living Goods-supported CHWs are able to educate their communities on important health topics; register pregnancies and support maternal and newborn health; diagnose and treat life-threatening childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea, malaria, pneumonia, and undernutrition in the home; support family planning and immunization services; and follow up on treatment and referrals. The community health workers we support provide primary health care to 7 million people and have reduced under-5 child mortality in these communities by 27 percent, for a cost of less than $2-3 per person served. 


Living Good’s is planning to support at least two new countries in the next 2-3 years, influencing at a national level. LG direct operations is built on the ‘Community Health Toolkit’ by Medic Mobile. LG is also utilizing various open source tools for asset management, ticketing and helpdesk, logistic management system and learning management system. The current scope of the tech team is to extend and customize open source tools but not to build core platforms.


Living Goods has grown 30 percent every year for the past 5 years. We now have a staff of over 400 and support over 9,000 community health workers. Living Goods plan to further scale and support 34,000 digitally empowered community health workers by 2021 - thanks to a $35 million challenge grant from the TED Audacious Ideas project. For more information about Living Goods, please visit



The purpose of this assignment is to develop a LG’s Tech 3-year strategic plan. The strategic plan will not only shape an internal LG digital health strategy providing state-of-art tools to community health workers but also enable LG to support external partners in co-designing, implementing, deploying and adoption of a mobile tech solution for the community health that supports performance management. Our current thinking is that technology is an enabler to deliver high impact community health services at scale and LG has a role to play to innovatively integrate and customize various open source technologies. Developing LG’s technical strategy will help shape Living Goods position in the digital landscape, determine the level of commitment to innovation and help with the transition to an even greater data centric approach to realize greater impact by coordinating efforts, systems and resources to achieve LG wider strategic objectives.



The consultant will be required to work hand in hand with the Chief Technology Officer, to help develop the three-year technical strategy, and facilitate setting up, coordination and consultation with a Technical Task Force (TTF).The TTF will advise on the strategy components and will independently advise the governing board. The consultant will help to articulate Living Goods digital technology strategy to be a technology leader in developing and providing transformative technology for the community health and the role it plays in strengthening community health systems, beyond just an implementor. The technical strategy will define key strategic objectives and a path to deliver these that align with LG’s wider strategic plan. The strategy is likely to include:

  1. Technical criteria to determine the right scalable digital tools to deliver optimized and sustainable community health programs now and in the future to minimize tools switching cost.
  2. Identifying knowledge gaps and research priorities for disruptive AI driven innovations.
  3. The best practice of incorporating scientific and technical advances into practice, not only software but hardware (physical kits for innovative diagnosis) for improved service delivery.
  4. Saleable and sustainable approaches for strengthening of community health systems with technology.
  5. Guidelines to exploit technical developments in private sector and latest consumer trends.
  6. Develop sustainable funding strategies for continuous contribution to the digital cutting-edge technical stack as a global public goods.
  7. Enhance information security of the infrastructure and data for compliance with external stakeholders’ requirements.
  8. Long-term criteria and process to evaluate/adopt digital innovation for futuristic community health systems.
  9. Prioritising approaches in the operationalization of innovative tools and ways to shape Living Goods as a key player in the transformative digital ecosystem.
  10. Identifying the role Living Goods should play in assisting governments, ministries and partners to leverage the power of mHealth.
  11. Ensuring Living Good’s is playing a leading role in shaping the technology driven community health strategy at global and national levels.

As such, the scope of work for the consultant will include but not limited to:

  • Undertake a situation analysis of Living Goods technology operations to date.
  • Audit the tech team processes and resources and identify gaps if any
  • Undertake key stakeholder mapping and analysis.
  • Identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives, through a consultative process and application of an appropriate analysis tools.
  • Review Living Goods technology capacity, set-up, against the Living Goods vision and strategic objectives and key result areas; and make recommendations.
  • Formulate a strategy for achieving the strategic objectives and key results.
  • Develop a “Results and Resources Framework” for the plan period.
  • Review Living Goods practices for data analytics for enhancement of community health.
  • Facilitating the TTF for adaption of the final strategic plan.
  • Developing the report for the board submission.

The Living Goods Technology Strategic Plan and its documentation should be flexible enough to change in response to the board recommendations, new organizational circumstances, market and industry conditions, business priorities and objectives, budgetary constraints, available skill sets and core competencies, technology advances, and user needs.



The deliverables of the consultancy will be a comprehensive strategy document to improve the impact of LG operations and scalable mHealth solutions to meet current and future requirements enhancing community health work. The consultant will closely work with CTO in developing the tech strategy document by end of August 2019, facilitation of the Technical Task Force to adapt the proposed strategy and prepare the final report for the board review and approval. The final report should be ready for the board meeting in September 2019. Other expected deliverables include but not limited to:

  • An overview of the Living Goods Technology Department that covers its mission, core values, objectives, resources and approaches to accomplishing organizational goals.
  • Comprehensive audit of our existing enterprise architecture; IT department capabilities and capacities to highlight risks and approaches to mitigate them.
  • Explicit evaluation of pros and cons of in-house development and tech agnostic strategy by highlighting any gap and oversight.
  • Roadmap to be a technology leader in developing and providing transformative technology for community health.
  • Process for continuous selection, evaluation and adoption of evolving tech stack for direct operation and supporting partners.
  • The role of Living Goods to shape standardization of protocols, systems, data utilization and interoperable frameworks for community health.
  • The nature, mechanism and extent of Living Goods supporting partners and governments as a technology role in a potential global role.
  • A list of the internal and external factors – such as market and industry trends - that shape current technology requirements and innovations as well as the future forces expected to shape IT for community health.
  • Criteria for evaluating potential opportunities and vulnerabilities that will necessitate technology responses to best position the organization for success in the community health space.
  • Cost/performance analyses of service delivery models - from on-site, to co-sourced, to outsourced.


The consultant must:

  • Provide experts in the area of Technology Strategy development.
  • Have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in technology strategic planning;
    Have good knowledge of the development sector and particularly the health space, and understanding of the role of technology therein.
  • Be fluent in English - written and spoken.


  1. Expressions of interest to conduct this consultancy are invited from suitably qualified and experienced consultants. Expressions of Interest must be delivered electronically to Living Goods no later than 17:00 EAT (GMT+3) August 2nd 2019. Please Submit one soft copy (by email) of technical and financial bids in PDF format to and include “Request for Proposals - Living Goods Technology Strategy” on the subject line. Successful applicants will be contacted by Friday, August 6th, 2019. Proposals should include:
  • Your qualifications and expertise.
  • Your understanding of the assignment.
  • Prior experience with similar work. Please include attachments/links to a sample of previous similar work and share the contact information for a referee directly relevant to this task.
  • A brief work plan and financial proposal to deliver against the Terms of Reference
  • Proposed cost for the assignment.
  • CVs or Resumes of the lead consulting firm, and (if a team of consultants is applying) each individual on the team, highlighting credentials and relevant experience.
  • Please share the above documents in a single compressed folder.

b.Evaluation of Proposals/Bids.

  • Evaluation of bids submitted pursuant to this RFP will be carried out by LG as appropriate.
  • In evaluating bids, LG will seek best value for money rather than merely the lowest price bid.
  • LG is not bound to accept the lowest price and reserves the right to accept any bid in a whole or in part and also to reject any or all tenders without disclosing any of its reason for taking of the decision resulting from this RFP.

Please note that local tax laws shall be applicable on professional fees as stipulated for either for Residents or non-Residents.


LG will officially notify all successful and unsuccessful bidders.




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